"I would like to thank the following comrades:
Bob Ross, Nicole, Nick, Levi, Shevaun, Jack, Mike McKenzie, Natasha, Velcro Kitty, and PBS.

thank you...... 02 Komfort Schwingstühle Gruppe Niehoff Sitzmöbel2er 1961 433 IIWahl 0OwPkn

A special thanks to, Jeremiah & Richard. I love you both like brothers, and to Jesy you're my soul sister. thank you for teaching me about the power of S because I am just one but its ok to say Squirrels."
- Jason Young

runout groove etching: Pirates Press


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20. Mai 2018

So I worked with Jason for 3 years. He’s an amazing human being and his experimental music is a taste of his eclectic personality. He was sued by Bob Ross’s estate over this album due to his usage of snippets of his voice in the track Bob & Me, which if you listen to it it’s crazy that they would sue over that. It’s not even full words. He was able to avoid the case as his publisher released it in a country with no copyright laws at the time. There’s some pretty good tracks on here and I wish they had kept him on the label. He still creates some really cool experimental music and visuals to go with them, it has been my pleasure to know him.
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